South Africa has a residence-based system, which means residents are - subject to certain exclusions - taxed on their worldwide income, irrespective of where their income was earned.

Non-residents are, however, taxed on their income from a South African source.  

Foreign taxes are offset against South African tax payable on foreign income.

The majority of the state's income is derived from income tax (personal and company tax), although nearly a third of total revenue from national government taxes comes from indirect taxes such as VAT. 

We provide full taxation services to our business clients within the requirements of the current tax legislation, inclusive, however not limited to the following:

  • Administration
    • We can undertake all monthly payroll-related administration, including the generation of payslips, payroll related administration and the issuing of IRP5 forms.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Advice and updates on regulatory issues ensuring compliance with the South African Revenue Service and Statutory bodies.
  • Tax Structuring
    • Advice on the tax structuring of remuneration packages in association with our Tax Division..
  • Individualised Reporting Service
    • The preparation of weekly or monthly reports tailored to clients' specifications.
  • Statutory Registration
    • We undertake all necessary registration with the relevant statutory bodies including PAYE, RSC, UIF and others.