Auditing Services

Providing world class auditing, accounting and taxation services in accordance with current and latest standards.

The delivery of audit services in today’s regulatory environment demands that auditors fully understand and focus on the risks inherent in their clients’ businesses.  This requires our audit professionals to start with a comprehensive understanding of what risk is all about. We believe that this reality, a firm culture and history that demands responsiveness to the varied needs of our clients, and a highly experienced team of service providers combine to separate our firm from many of our competitors.

Risk Management:
Much has been developed in recent years surrounding the concept of risk assessments for business organizations.  A clear understanding of the risks confronting an organization is essential to the development of policies, processes and controls that serve to effectively address and mitigate those risks. The implementation of risk assessments has become commonplace in many industries and disciplines. 

To maximize organizational performance and value creation, management needs to recognize the many potential risks including financial, reputation, environmental and operational to name a few. Performed correctly, an integrated approach to managing these risks typically results in benefits including the ability to deliver improved performance, improved profitability, the achievement of strategic objectives, and a demonstrable enhanced value to management.

Internal Auditing:

Internal Auditing helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.  The benefits of Risk based Audits”

  • Traditional audit view value added techniques
  • Risk profile of Businesses
  • Internal Controls & Operational Risk reviews
  • Cost reductions recommendations
  • Review of Fraud Risk Controls


We can undertake all monthly payroll-related administration, including the generation of payslips, payroll related administration and the issuing of IRP5 forms.

Regulatory Compliance

Advice and updates on regulatory issues ensuring compliance with the South African Revenue Service and Statutory bodies.

Tax Structuring

Advice on the tax structuring of remuneration packages in association with our Tax Division.

Reconciliation Audit

The preparation and administration of reconciliations required including payments to third party service providers.

Individualised Reporting Service

The preparation of weekly or monthly reports tailored to clients' specifications. 

Statutory Registration
We undertake all necessary registration with the relevant statutory bodies including PAYE, RSC, UIF and others.