Employment Equity & Skills Development

  • Skills Development

We provides clients with in-depth, expert assistance in the design, development and delivery of training and development programmes.

These assist companies to meet performance goals by providing the workforce with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to work effectively and meet performance requirements of their business unit.

  • Leadership Development;
  • Workforce Development;
  • Customer Service;
  • Strategy Execution; and
  • Acievement of Targets and Budgets

Our approach complies with the Skills Development Act and Skills Levy Act, and combines comprehensive strategic programmes to ensure workplace skills development.

  • Drafting

Sithole can draft the necessary legal documentation in the highly regulated labour market to reduce client risk.

  • Legal Advice

We provide consulting and advisory services across the full spectrum of employment law issues.

  •  Presentation and Training

We offer updates of developments in law, as well as client training in various employment law procedures.

  •  Due Diligence Reviews and Employment Audits

Reviewing clients' human resource practices and providing complete reports on areas of deficiency.

  •  Employment Equity

Sithole is uniquely placed to offer a comprehensive employment equity service, from the development of policies to the monitoring of equity plans

  • Remuneration

Aligning remuneration with employee behaviour and business strategy allows clients to assess funding requirements, evolve their own strategies over time and assist in the administration of new reward schemes.

  • Executive Remuneration

We can assist in determining the specific positioning of total pay in the overall compensation package and match executive remuneration approaches to incentive and share schemes.

  • Skills and Competency Based Pay

Clients often need advice on the effective link between pay and skills by focusing on the key output requirements of every employee.

  • Reward Strategies

It is important to formulate integrated reward strategies based on the optimum combination of guaranteed pay, incentives and share schemes for each employee and position.

  • Incentive Design

This involves designing and implementing short, medium and long term incentives schemes, including share options, rewarding outstanding performance and enhancing shareholder value.

  • Remuneration and Tax Structuring

The formulation of individual, tax effective compensation packages and consulting on the interpretation of Tax legislation.

  • Compliance Assistance

The audit of payroll records, procedures and fund rules to ensure tax compliance.

  • Employment Law

Advice on the impact of labour legislation, issues on changes in rewards strategy and drafting the required amendments to employment contracts and performance agreements.

  • Dispute Resolution

We have expertise in all forms of dispute resolution including court litigation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration, assisting clients with the resolution of disputes arising from collective bargaining, dismissals, discrimination, unlawful competition and industrial action.