App4Legal Outlook App (Self-Hosted)

App4Legal CustomerPortal-SelfHosted
Price: $ 140,00
Reference: A4L-OSH-005

App4Legal Outlook App (Self-Hosted) is  your perfect combination to connect with App4Legal. 

It operates at the top of your email with just one click – resulting in a full tracking of conversation history with your client. 

Costing is based on the number of users as a once off cost per user. (Indicated above)
NOTE: The number instances taken must be equal to the number of users indicated

App4Legal Outlook App, provide the following integrated functionality:

  • Import Contacts and upload Emails, attachments and more. 
  • Email Syncronisation
  • Attachements inclusion to Matters and Litigation Cases
  • Multi Language
  • The user will be able to add information to the system such as a contact, matter, task and more through the “Add New” tab.
  • The user will be able to log in certain email threads between another user, client etc. as a matter note, a litigation case, matter and intellectual property through the “Log E-mail as” tab.
  • The user will be able to include the whole email or select parts of it and attach the documents in the email straight away to a specific matter.
  • Through the “Quick Links” the user will be able to access the modules in App4Legal such as the dashboards, companies, contacts and more.
  • The user will be able to know more about his App4Legal for Outlook account by clicking on setup and updating/tracking information about the add-on.
  • The user will be able to check and make sure the add-on is updated to the latest version through “Check for Updates”.
  • The user can access the documentation center through “About OTA” and learn more about the add-on.