App4Legal Customer Portal (Self-Hosted)

App4Legal CustomerPortal-SelfHosted
Price: $ 400,00
Reference: A4L-CPSH-006

App4Legal Customer Portal is an add-on that allows App4Legal users to collaborate and communicate with their clients. It is a highly configurable portal that will connect the clients of the user’s company with the company itself. 

App4Legal Customer Portal is your gateway to connect with your customers with ease and low cost. Costs is indicated as a cost per user account created per client.

A fully configurable interface, smart notification system and controlled access rights. App4Legal Customer Portal allows you to engage your customers and improve customerrelations. 

The Customer Portal reduces back and forth emails as well as increases efficiency by focusing on automation.  Through it, clients will be able to know the latest updates on their matters as well as provide their lawyers with requested information.

Costing is based on the number of users as a once off cost per user. (Indicated above)
 The number instances taken must be equal to the number of users indicated

It provides the following integrated services,  however as a highly configurable environment more functionality can be provided to Clients by the respective Administrator of your Firm:

  • Ask Questions on specific matters / cases
  • Raise Legal Matter related to Labour Law and Employees
  • Obtain Legal Advise on Issues
  • Request drafting of NDA
  • Request drafting of Contract
  • Track and view status of issues raised as well as active matters / cases.
  • Collaboration with team assigned to the issue/matter or case.