Special Projects

Vehicle Testing

Testing all Vehicle Systems at road speed up to 200 km/h, in less than 15 minutes.  

All tests for roadworthiness are performed by the VCT (vehicle characteristic tester) which examines all vehicle systems and subsystems under real road conditions at speeds up to 200 km/ph. Results are automatically compared with state authority regulations and manufacturers specifications and the computer passes only those vehicles, which meets the required standards.

The speed of operation of the Computest VCT/CCC system (every 2.5 - 7 minutes another vehicle completes the test based on the selection of tests to be performed), enables 30,000 cars to be tested each year by each Computest test lane. This in return will permit the implementation of regular mandatory vehicle testing throughout the country.

The CCC is a system, which is completely closed and secured from the vehicle reception point until the vehicle leaves the test station. At reception, where the vehicle documents are presented, details are entered into the reception computer. These details are automatically verified within the system and if satisfactory the vehicle information is transmitted to all the test computers in the station, e.g. VCT computer, pit computer and the central computer.


  • Safety tests for road worthiness (No roadworthy certificates yet)
  • Complete test for second hand cars before  purchase.
  • Vehicle manufacturer end of line quality control.
  • Emission control test stations.
  • Vehicle prototype test labs.
  • Fleet owners preventive maintenance.
  • After market vehicle service and sale.
  • Police control stations.
  • Racing cars labs.
  • Military 4x4 and 6x6 vehicle test stations.
  • Taxi cabs and trucks instrumentation control for taximeter , taco -graph and speed limiter controls.
  • Insurance companies test stations for pre-insurance vehicle test and evaluating vehicles condition after accidents.


  • · Engine
  • · Suspension
  • · Brakes
  • · Automatic transmission
  • · Manual transmission
  • · Instrument accuracy
  • · Emissions and economy
  • · Dynamic load simulation

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